Happy New Year from the Crow-Nickels

Happy New Year from the Crow-Nickels

Some treats to get 2022 started! First, a reminder of what 2021 was all about:

Even the crows have masks now!

Really hope we can get rid of those masks soon!

Another story: Some crows can talk, but their language may be fowl! This is about a crow that went to an elementary school in Oregon (Lizzy Acker, The Oregonian):

A friendly, if somewhat foul-mouthed, crow became a temporary mascot at Allen Dale Elementary School in November when the bird took up residence at the Grants Pass school.

The fowl-mouthed crow

“This crow showed up at our school just out of the blue one morning,” said Naomi Imel, an education assistant at Allen Dale, over the phone on Thursday.

It began looking into classrooms, Imel said, and pecking on doors. At one point, it made its way into a fifth-grade classroom where it “helped itself to some snacks,” she said. … And, she added, it spoke. The bird could say, “What’s up?” and “I’m fine” and “a lot of swear words.”

Then, this is a frame from a video of a crow that was sliding on a plastic top down a steep roof, apparently in Russia. Wintry fun. You gotta wonder if sledding is more fun than flying? Evidently, this crow thought so:

SnowCrowboarding crow

By the way, I am not a fan of Russian TV, but this one is innocent.

And for those who can’t spell tell crows apart from ravens, there’s this:

Let’s keep our feathers on, and make 2022 less stressful than 2021 and 2020.

“Try, and again try, till you win or till you die.” Junkyard Abner, Hunters of the Feather. Also quoted in the second volume of the Crow-Nickels, Scavengers of Mind.

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